Tell me about the workflow when working with you?

After initial contact with my client to discuss their project at hand, we may arrange an on-site visit prior to the shoot date to give me a better understanding of the space and light we will be working with.

Where this is not possible the client is expected to give a detailed project brief leaving out no detail and if possible supply images taken from a mobile device to help give me a better understanding of the space and the kind of shots they’re after.

Together we would then plan a suitable date for the shoot and carry out the works as plann. Once the shoot concludes I take all the captured images back to the studio where they go through my strict post-production stage making sure no stone is unturned.

Once completed I will inform the client and send the completed image pack to the client via email. Typically, the imagery will be emailed to the client via a SSL secure WeTransfer link. Once the download completes, all the images will be available to use in an easy access folder. This download link can be used across multiple devices and used for a duration of a month.

Alternatively all images can be delivered to the client on a flash drive (at the expense of the client).

What does your post-production process involve?

Each and every one of my images captured on location goes through a strict process.

Various exposures displaying the detail in all the areas in the frame, from the darkest to the lightest parts are used to create a single image that is balanced, not over or under exposed and is as true to life as possible, eliminating harsh shadows and blown out light areas that would be overlooked by most. 

Once this is complete each image goes through a rigorous 15 step editing process which includes white balancing, image sharpening, horizontal and vertical straightening, removal of any blemishes, lens distortion correction, brightness and contrast adjustment to name a few. 

Each image on average takes around 45-60 minutes to edit from beginning to end depending on the complexity of the shot and on any extra work I carry out to make sure the final product conveys the message perfectly. It is this scrupulous editing process alongside my meticulous methodology whilst on-site capturing the shots I need that sets me apart from most.

What resolution are your images delivered in?

All imagery is supplied at a 300ppi CMYK print quality resolution. Alongside the high resolution images I also supply a copy of all the imagery at a web optimised resolution for quick and easy usage online, which can be displayed on line without any visible sacrifice of quality.

What is the turnaround time from shoot completion?

90% of all photography I am commissioned to capture has an average turnaround of 4-5 days, however this can be give or take depending on the complexity of the job at hand during the post production stage.

Do we own the copyright to the images?

The client reserves the right to use the images for any of their marketing purposes, however image buy out fees are to be negotiated separately. 

Why choose you?

Over 10 years of commercial photography experience working alongside the highest calibre of interior designers, architects, developers and design brands both in the UK and worldwide.

Extensive public liability and public indemnity insurance.

Expert in my field.

Highest quality equipment used (kit value over £10k).

Image consultant to many commercial clients.