Growing up in the cultural melting pot of London I found myself surrounded by a diverse mix of building styles. This environment inspired me to explore the beauty of architecture. As time passed, my interest in interior design, furnishing, styling and aesthetics also began to develop.

I picked up my first camera in my late teens and began to capture my surroundings, learning to understand how natural and artificial light, symmetry, patterns, gradients and textures all work together in symphony with one other to create living art.  

As a photographer, my focus is on producing true to life imagery that reflects the beauty and aesthetic of each and every environment I work in, capturing it so that people across the world can experience it as if they were there in person, evoking emotion in the viewer.

Theo Tzia - Interior and Architectural Photographer Based In London.jpg

My clients frequently remind me that they choose me to capture their projects because of my high standard of professionalism, refined quality of work and extreme eye for detail, which must and should always be a standard in this industry. With over ten years professional photography experience my workflow allows me to create high-quality imagery that my clients have the utmost confidence in using for all editorial publications and marketing purposes.

The fact that I take as much time as I feel necessary to stage and shoot each and every photo shows in my finished product and that is the reason my clients always come back to me. Every project is treated with the exact same care and engagement as the last. I’m always grateful for my clients amazing feedback and support and will continue to work with them to help translate the message they have for their own clientele buying into their vision.